The Association for the Protection of Thirty-One Miles Lake aims to promote the environmental protection of the Thirty-One Miles Lake and to preserve its flora and its fauna. If you are interested in contributing to the achievement of this important mission, join the association.

The strength of the association depends on its members and their commitment towards protecting the lake environment.

The Association for the Protection of Thirty-one Miles Lake has two categories of membership: regular and associate members.


Regular Member

To be a regular member, you must own a property within the Thirty-one Miles Lake watershed or have a notarized right of way to the lake and pay the annual membership  fee of 25$. Regular members may attend meetings of members, are entitled to speak and to vote.

Note :
If a property has more than one owner, the owners must appoint one of them, who will be a regular member. Other owners may join as associate members.


Associate Member

Anyone interested in the mission of the association may become an associate member by paying the annual membership fee of 10$ (asssociate member) may attend meetings of members, speak but not vote. They may be elected as directors.

If you want to join, simply send arequest by mail by printing and filling out de form accompained with a 25$ check (regular member) or a 10$ check (associate member) payable to APL 31Milles to the attention of Ms. Johane Poirier, Treasurer, 27, Chemin Principal, C.P. 155, Ste-Thérèse-de-la-Gatineau, QC, J0X 2X0

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