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Volunteer Lake Monitoring Program – RSVL


The Québec Volunteer Lake Monitoring Program (RSVL) is an initiative of the Québec Ministry of Sustainable Development, Environment, Wildlife and Parks, which is also wrestling with climate change issues. As it’s name suggests, the RSVL program solicits data from various lake associations like ours in order to closely monitor the water quality in some four hundred lakes around Québec. In essence, the program analyses water samples for their physical and chemical properties as well as for water transparency. Samples and measurements are taken according to a precise timetable. The ministry recommends beginning the process by measuring the water transparency and by collecting samples for the first two years of the program. Subsequently, samples are taken every five years while transparency measurements are continued every year. For 31 Mile Lake the samples and measurements are taken in four different locations: Davis Bay; off Three Fingers point (deepest part of lake); McKenzie Bay and north of Price Island. These measurements and samples have enabled the Ministry’s biologists to precisely monitor the viability of the lake and it’s associated food chain since 2009 and to follow its evolution with the same precision, to date. With this information, they will be well positioned to take any actions deemed necessary for the long-term viability of our lake.


Our Association has taken part in this program since 2009. We provided samples for analysis in 2009 and 2010 and have measured the water transparency every year since 2009. Since the five-year cycle has now been completed, we will repeat the exercise starting with samples this year (2015) and continue to measure for transparency. Association member volunteers will continue their good work for a sixth year. This program costs our Association $1250 per year. Thanks to contributions by the four municipalities that border our lake ($250 each), we only have to make up the difference of $250.


Results of the analysis, which are produced by the RSVL team, are published annually in our electronic newsletter. You can also see the results on the Government webpage.